Silver DDC Award 2011 for InteractiveWall

At the awards ceremony of the German Design Club (DDC), Hyperbody was awarded theĀ silver medalfor itsĀ InteractiveWall in the category ‘product’ of the ‘GUTE GESTALTUNG 11′ competition which had 570 entries. The silver DDC Award is a German design award of the highest order.

Since 1989 the DDC Award stands for quality in interdisciplinary design concepts across a range of industries. Based in Germany, the jury committee has launched the DDC Exchange programme to promote excellence in design beyond national frontiers and to reward national as well as international manufacturers and designers. The DDC design competition recognizes exemplary finished works and aspires to play a role in determining the present and future of design itself. DDC focuses on evaluating design in practice, highlighting the best of the best.

The innovative project by Festo, Hyperbody and Burkhardt Leitner constructiv was already nominated for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2011 and received the Good Design Award of the Chicago Althenaeum.

Text by: Chris Kievid

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